Are Ireland’s leaders in business succeeding at their job? We examined Irish leaders, their strengths, weaknesses, and the relationships between bosses and their staff.

Our recent research with Irish employees revealed that over half of Irish workers (54%) think their boss is doing a good job; with only 1 in 5 (22%) saying they receive enough praise from their boss.

Just 12% of the respondents said they would rate their boss’s performance as poor, and 34% of those reckon their bosses are ‘average’.

The results show that, while overall the relationships between leaders and employees are good, there are still some definite areas where bosses can improve.

Having good communication skills (60%) came out on top as the most important skill, with over 60% listing it in their top five. Interestingly, communication was also the skill most listed as missing, with 29% of Irish workers saying their boss lacked this trait and 17% also saying their boss is lacked time management.

Fairness, honesty, and encouragement were some other skills listed by respondents as the most important for a boss to have.

Irish workers are largely positive about their bosses, results show. Over 62% of respondents say that they get on well with their bosses, and 59% said that they can approach their boss with any issue they are having in work.

Over 30% of respondents believe that female bosses are ‘well represented and respected’ in Ireland – 28% disagree with this statement however.

 “We conducted this research to see how Irish people felt their bosses were doing, what their strengths are, and where they can improve in order to create stronger employee engagement. It’s great to see that such a large number of Irish people feel they get on well with their boss, and even better to see that almost two thirds feel they can approach their boss with any issue. Over half of respondents saying their boss is doing a good job is a positive result for Irish leaders.

“However, the results have also identified areas where Irish leaders can improve – particularly in the areas of feedback and praise. Another hugely important area we identified was communication – this was seen as the most important trait in a leader by Irish workers, and also was identified as the skill most lacking in those who felt their boss was doing a poor job. Irish leaders need to engage their employees simply by communicating with them; praise them when they are doing a good job, give feedback where they are not, and keep them abreast of what is going on in their company and workplace.”

- Michael Dawson, CEO, One4all 

The survey results mirror similar research recently undertaken by One4all in the UK, which found that 56% of UK employees believed their boss was doing a good job. Communications skills also came out on top, with 78% of UK workers saying it was the most t

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