Tips To Make Working From Home More Productive

Work From Home

Working from home eliminates the stress of the long, traffic-filled commute and allows you to work to your own schedule and pace. However, it’s not all good; being in a more relaxed environment that’s filled with day-to-day home distractions like the doorbell ringing and the postman arriving with your online shopping haul can actually lead to you being less productive. And then there’s the other side where – due to the lack of work structure in the home – you don’t know when to switch off and might find yourself poring over strategies and presentations until midnight!

Working remotely is a welcome break from the office but it takes effort to get it right. Here, we discuss our top five tips to maximise your time when working from home.

1. Find a dedicated space: Your bed and that comfy spot on the couch are the places where you rewind and switch off at the end of the day so they should not become your place of work. Your surroundings can have a huge impact on your concentration levels so a quiet space in the home that’s away from distractions is essential if you’re going to be productive at home.

2. Have the right equipment: Lounging on the couch with your laptop is not a good work setup. You need to create an office-like environment in your home so once you have your quiet place, invest in a decent desk and chair; the right equipment makes all the difference to your productivity.

3. Get dressed: On days where you’re working remotely, you might be tempted to stay in your pyjamas and snug loungewear, but you should treat your home office like you would your workplace. We’re not saying you need to get suited and booted but stick as close to a normal routine as possible, you’ll be inspired to do more.

4. Plan face-to-face time: When you’re working alone, you can easily become buried deep in assignments and projects and forget that there’s an outside world. Whether it’s meeting a friend for lunch or organising a Skype meeting, make sure you get some form of human interaction when you’re working remotely.

5. Find the balance: Don’t leave all your important tasks for the days you plan on working from home. You’ll be so focused on getting everything on your to-do list ticked off that you’ll end up working well beyond your set work hours. Again, treat your home like the professional environment and avoid being ‘always on’ – work set hours and switch off your email.