The Ultimate Bike Guide for Women

Our report on the state of cycling in Ireland revealed that only 30% of women cycle frequently, compared to 45% of men. 

This gap between the sexes is worth highlighting; according to this study, the mental and physical benefits of cycling are felt equally by men and women, suggesting an external factor that is preventing women from hitting the road.

With this information in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate bike guide for female cyclists. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bike or purchase your first one, we hope this guide will help you on your new found journey to fitness and love of cycling!

Where to begin?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself the following questions before you begin the search for your new bike…

Can I avail of the Bikes4Work scheme?

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Where do you plan to ride your bike?

Distance is an important factor to take into account when purchasing your bike; for example, there’s no need to spend thousands on a bike if you’re only planning to cycle a couple of kilometres. Decide what you will be using your new bike for; whether it’s to cycle to work, go mountain biking, road racing or for more casual use, such as cycling around town. 

What type of bike suits your needs?

Once you have decided what you’ll be using your bike for, it’s then time to figure out what type of bike is best suited to you.

  • Mountain Bike: Mountain bikes work on all terrain, especially trails and gravel, with added suspension, they can handle rough terrain with ease.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid bike is an all-rounder; with a combination of mountain and road designs, they’re suitable for both pavement and (moderately) gravelled roads.
  • Road – including racing, cyclocross and touring bikes: Road bikes are best suited for pavements and are super lightweight, with drop down handles. They’re best suited for long distance and/or fitness riding.
  • Specialty – including cruiser, electric and folding bikes: Specialty bikes, such as cruisers, are for more leisurely use, with bigger wheels and a more comfortable seat.

Check out this website for more in-depth information regarding different bike types.


Unisex or Female specific bike?

Depending on your body shape, you may not need a female specific bike, it is recommended that you test ride a couple of different bike styles in-store to figure out which one suits you the best.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible when in-store before making the final purchase!

Don’t forget the accessories…

Ensure that the bike you choose has the right gears, suspension, wheel size, brakes and handlebar shape for your needs.

We recommend these accessories for your own health and safety on the road: a helmet, a U lock or chain lock (even both for extra security), a small pump that can clip onto the bike, an emergency puncture kit, reflectors on your wheels, mud guards and front and rear lights. Some optional extras that you may consider are a basket, bottle holder and a bell.


Where should I buy my new bike?

Find the full list of Bikes4Work retailers on our dedicated website:

Any questions? Contact the Bikes4Work team on+353 1 8708181 or