The Two Reasons Why Employee Recognition Will Always Matter

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of a person’s or team’s behaviour or effort that supports the organisations goals and values. Often, employers will reserve days like Employee Appreciation Day as a time to recognise and reward their employees for their hard work but according to Performance Coach and Founder of Clearview Coaching Group Jane Downes ‘recognition in the workplace is not a luxury, it’s a basic requirement to reward and recognise employees’.

‘Employee recognition isn’t quite as common as it should be,’ Jane tells us, ‘plenty of employers choose not to make it a priority either because they’re too busy themselves or because they simply don’t understand how vital it is to a thriving workplace, but employee recognition is an important part of company culture and should be practiced year long.’

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up (March 1st) but employee recognition knows no calendar, it’s an important part of company culture and something that will always matter to employees – here are two reasons why:

1. Employees Who Feel Recognised Stick Around

‘Employee recognition is one of the biggest pieces of feedback I receive in my work as a career coach as a reason why people want to leave jobs – they feel they’re not being recognised enough for what they do,’ says Jane.  

‘If you’ve got a talented group of people working for you, you need to recognise and reward them – it’s one of our main drivers, we’re human beings after all and we like to be recognised for our hard work. And a reward doesn’t need to be monetary; many employees appreciate time with a senior boss they never get to speak to, a simple thank you for their efforts, or being invested in – so sitting down with their boss to create a career plan or being offered an external coach to help them with their performance development.’

With recognition, you can keep your talent around for much longer.

2. Recognised Employees Are Happy Employees

Employees don’t like working in a space that’s negative – a negative environment with little or no recognition for good work can lead to gossiping, low employee engagement, higher rates of absenteeism, a lack of flexibility and high employee turnover. On the other side, when employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity increases, making them more motivated to maintain and/or improve their good performance. A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happy employees are on average 12 per cent more productive than their less-happy counterparts.’

‘If you want your team engaged, present, and performing well, they need to be recognised, they need to feel encouraged to take on more and challenge themselves,’ says Jane.

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