The Environmental Benefits Of Going Digital

The Environmental Benefits Of Going DigitalThe Environmental Benefits Of Going Digital

From pollution to deforestation, climate change to water scarcity, the environment is changing, and unfortunately, not for the better. Here at One4all, we’re joining in the global mission to save the environment from these harmful issues with our One4all Digital Gift Card.

What are the benefits of One4all Digital Gift Cards?

1. Digital gift cards are environmentally friendly

First and foremost, digital gift cards require no plastic. In 2013, physical gift cards had an estimated C02 footprint of 585,300 tons – an alarming figure that’s higher than all the daily air flights in Europe combined. In the US, roughly 1.6 billion gift cards are printed every year – that amount requires 9,000 tons of plastic – and 8% -- 19% of these plastic gift cards go unused. The cost of this to the environment? 33,260 harmful C02 emissions. Plastic gift cards pollute the environment by clogging water sources and increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. If things continue on this path of destruction, access to clean water will become a problem and marine life will suffer.

More and more consumers globally are becoming aware of the need to keep the environment clean for posterity and are actively looking for eco-friendly businesses. Experts predict that by 2030, eco-friendly companies will significantly soar past those who don’t take environmental responsibility. As digital gift cards are digital – and not plastic – they’re the right step in the global mission towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Digital gift cards appeal to a wider audience

The world we live in now is fast-paced and digital-first with more consumers switching to an online lifestyle. And it’s no surprise that one of the biggest areas this change applies to is shopping. Most shoppers prefer the virtual platform as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar store as it allows people to shop within their schedule.

In the gifting world, digital gift cards are a game-changing development as consumers can buy, personalise, send, redeem and spend, easily and instantly, all from their mobile devices. This user experience opens the doors to a wider target audience, specifically millennials and Generation Z, who are driving the digital age.

3. Digital gifts are more convenient

From work commitments to family life, social gatherings to holidays abroad, consumers are living very busy lifestyles and need to manage their time now more than ever before. Various research has shown that consumers want gifts that are easy to purchase and don’t interfere with their hectic schedules.

The discoverability, portability, and ease of use of digital gift cards make them a solution for every type of lifestyle. For the buyer, they’re easy to find, buy, customise and send and for the recipient they’re easy to spend and protect as the funds are stored in a digital wallet – be it Apple Pay or Google Pay. This process makes them much easier to use than plastic gift cards as once the recipient has their phone, they always have their gift card. The days of plastic cards being left behind or lost are gone.

Want to know more about One4all Digital?

The One4all Digital Gift Card is the future of rewards, incentives and loyalty programmes for staff and customers. Whether you wish to motivate your staff, reward your customers’ loyalty or just say ‘thank you’, the One4all Digital Gift Card is the perfect fit. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use the One4all Digital Gift Card.