The Apps You Need If You Run Your Own Business

Apps For Running A Business Feature

Running your own business is tough but thankfully there is plenty of tech available to make this job a whole lot easier.

Here are our top picks of apps for business owners:

For communicating with staff: Slack

Slack is basically Whatsapp for the workplace and is a great of way communicating with your team. Available on desktop and mobile, you can share links, audio and video clips, photos, and documents, making it easier to stay in touch with what’s going on, whether you’re out of office or other members of staff are.

For tracking your workload: Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management tool and it’s great for staying on top of your workload. From major milestones to tiny tasks, in Teamwork you can map out everything that needs to be done, set deadline reminders and create checklists so you can know exactly what needs to be completed by when.

For keeping track of bills and invoices: Xero

Xero is a business and accounting software and is a great resource for helping small business owners as it creates invoice templates, keeps a record of bills, manages bank transactions, provides reminders for making payments and also, sends notifications which let you know that customers/suppliers have received and opened their invoices. This clever system is also available on mobile so you can stay on top of your expenses on the go.

For managing projects: Asana

Asana is a web-based and mobile app in which you can coordinate and manage all of your projects in the one place. From marketing campaigns to business growth strategies, monthly targets to future goals, with Asana you can easily track your progress. It also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to attach files and with Slack to post updates.

For sharing images and files: Dropbox

With over 500 million users and 200,000 business, Dropbox is the most popular and efficient platform on which to store and share files in the cloud. With Dropbox, you won’t have the stress of figuring out how to send files that exceed your email limit as all you need to is select the files, photos, audio clips and videos you wish to share, Dropbox will then generate a link which you can email for the recipient to download and/or view the data.

For communicating with clients/subscribers: MailChimp

If you’re looking a BFF in email marketing, MailChimp is it. This platform helps you build and manage your mailing lists, and easily create and send newsletters. You can build and customise email templates and view performance reports so you can quickly figure out what’s working and what needs to be changed.

For human resource management: BambooHR

With features like an applicant tracking system and an employee benefits tracker, BambooHR helps you improve your human resources strategy and efficiency. With this tool, you can track schedules and rotas, annual leave records, performance reviews, and prospective employee info.