On 14th July, 1994, to mark the 25th anniversary of the first moon landing, Neil Armstrong sat down to write a letter. His letter had a single purpose – it was to thank the team that designed and built the Extravehicular Mobility Unit that had allowed him to traverse the surface of the moon. Armstrong had been the spectacle that day, but he acknowledged that without the ‘EMU gang’s’ efforts, that incredible feat would have been impossible. His letter was a (belated) act of gratitude, and no doubt the team appreciated his acknowledgment.

History is filled with selfless ‘thank yous’ such as this one. As a business, it makes perfect sense to thank your staff. But why bother? What about the reasons not to? Here are six:

1. You want to waste money

Research shows that when assessing a new job, 71% of people would forgo a higher salary if they believed their new employer would regularly thank them for their hard work. So it stands to reason – if you want to pay high salaries and still maintain a dejected workforce, don’t thank your employees.

2. You want unmotivated staff

Let’s say you’ve cooked a great lasagne. You serve it up to your family, they eat it all, then leave. You know it tasted good, because there was nothing left on the plate. But no one said “thank you,” so you are not particularly inclined to cook again tomorrow night. The same principle applies in the office – so don’t thank your staff and they won’t want to do their best.

3. You want to run an inefficient business

Greater employee motivation can boost performance by as much as 44%. But who needs it? Don’t reward your staff, they won’t be motivated, and you can be sure of a disorganised, unproductive operation.

4. You want to cultivate a poor brand reputation

A company’s reputation is an intangible asset, but it’s undeniably important. The One4all ‘Power of Thank You’ study shows that businesses that thank their employees are perceived to be better at being fair, better at treating their customers well and better able to be trusted. Not showing appreciation will surely achieve the opposite effects.

5. You want to encourage poor customer service

Links between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction have been a key focus for research in the past few years. Consider it next time you eat out or buy a coffee – are the staff helpful and pleasant? How much of that is due to a fulfilling working environment? Don’t reward your employees to make sure your customers don’t get any satisfaction from your service.

6. You want your employees to leave

Every staff member you retain saves your business 30-50% of that person’s annual salary. But if you want a high turnover of staff, with all the headaches that go with it, make sure to ignore your employees’ hard work.

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