Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Co-workers Will Actually Want

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Co-workers Will Actually Want

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the office Secret Santa! This game is a great way to bring the fun festive spirit into the workplace. We’re sure most people know how to play but if you’re new to it, here’s a quick guide:

The Office Secret Santa is a game in which members of a specific team or employees in a company give gifts to each other. However, the purpose of the game is for all this to be done in secret i.e. the identity of the gift giver is meant to be kept a secret (hence the name), leaving the gift receiver guessing.

To play, the first thing you need to do is make a list of every team member or employee who is participating and put their name in a hat (there are digital tools that can help with this, but we prefer the old pen-and-paper way). Next, each person draws a name out of the hat; if someone picks their own name, they need to put it back and draw again. Once everyone has a name (and keeps it to themselves), a budget needs to be set. Despite spending most of the day with them, buying a gift for a colleague can be incredibly difficult. The Office Secret Santa is supposed to be a fun group activity so don’t set the price range too high, between €10 and €20 is ideal. Next, set a date when everyone needs to have their gift purchased, wrapped, tagged and under the office Christmas tree. And lastly - the fun part - give out the gifts!

4 Rules Of Office Secret Santa:

1. Avoid guessing sizes: When it comes to clothes and sizes, you think you’re an expert…until you’re left red-faced when it doesn’t fit your colleague. Unless your best friends, avoid buying clothes.

2. Stick to the budget: There’s a budget in place for a reason!

3. Don’t rely on the secret: The game is called ‘Secret Santa’ but you can be guaranteed that word will get around who has who. With that in mind, you do need to be careful with your gift, avoid buying anything outrageous or embarrassing.

4. Wrap and tag: Make sure to wrap your gift in nice paper and include a tag that has who it’s for. A bargain buy looks much more impressive when it’s covered in a nice wrap and a tag is important because you don’t want the present going to the wrong hands.

3 Gift Ideas For Your Office Secret Santa:

1. Office décor:

Studies have found that keeping plants at our desks boosts our well-being, creativity and mood at work. Help brighten up your colleague’s workspace with a plant-based gift. We recommend going for options that are pretty powerful but don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Cacti, Dracaena and Peace Lily are all great options for this.

2. Speciality coffee:

Have you got a colleague that can’t function properly without their 11am Grande Americano? They’re sure to love a bag of gourmet coffee beans with a sturdy travel mug! (Same idea applies if your colleague is more of a tea connoisseur).

3. Gift cards:

If you’re unsure about their interests and hobbies, One4all’s multi-store gift card is the perfect gift as it gives the recipient plenty of choice. Accepted in over 8,500 stores nationwide and/or online, from food to fashion, home to experiences, there’s something everyone will love.