The Declutter Therapist - Voucher Only

Breda Stack is The Declutter Therapist of Declutter Therapy. Champion of ‘Declutter to feel good’, Breda teaches and motivates people to break free from the overwhelm of physical, mental and emotional clutter so they can enjoy simpler, happier lives.

Founder of Ireland’s National Declutter Day and International Declutter Day, Breda is author of Declutter Therapy and a regular contributor to TV, radio and print media on the subject of decluttering.

The Declutter Therapist’s online and in-person services include Professional Decluttering Courses, 6-month Declutter Your Life Programmes, Decluttering Consultations, Decluttering Workshops and Decluttering Talks and Training. The Declutter Therapist’s products include Breda’s Declutter Therapy™ ultimate wardrobe decluttering experience Hardback Book-and-DVD Set and her Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home online course.

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