Tax-free bikes and equipment from leading bike retailers nationswide

How it works

  • Employer introduces the scheme in the workplace.
  • Employee chooses their bike and safety equipment from a One4all Cyclescheme partner retailer. They will then receive a quote to pass on to their HR representative.
  • When we receive the quote, we will deliver a Cyclescheme collection voucher, allowing the employee to collect their bike and start cycling.
  • For more detailed information visit our dedicated Cyclescheme website.

Why choose Cyclescheme?


All cycling equipment can be paid for over a 12 month period through salary sacrifice, making the cost of the bike manageable. There are no hidden fees or charges for you or your staff, so your employees only pay for the cost of the bike.

Wide Choice of Retailers

Our Cyclescheme offers access to hundreds of retailers throughout the country, with the widest selection of bikes and equipment available from as little as €5 per month. You can see the full list of participating retailers here.

Additional Savings

Employees purchasing a bike from Halfords through the Cyclescheme will receive up to 10% off all accessories when they use their Cyclescheme. In addition, they will receive a coupon granting them 20% off bicycle servicing, accessories and parts at Halfords for one year. *

*Offers are regularly updated, contact us to find out more

Tax Free

Bicycles and equipment up to the value of €1,250, or €3,000 for pedelecs and e-bikes can be bought completely free of any tax, PRSI or Universal Social Charge under Government legislation. This allows employees to save up to 52% on the cost of their bike and safety equipment. 

*Saving depends on rate of tax