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Shine a spotlight on your staff this Christmas Tax-Free

The One4all Gift Card is a perfect choice for your Christmas rewards. Accepted in thousands of outlets, it offers choice and flexibility to staff and customers to ensure that their reward is meaningful to them. Businesses ordering from our corporate site benefit from additional services, including reduced price postage and card customisation. In addition, businesses can reward employees with up to €250 in One4all Gift Cards completely tax-free under the Small Benefits Exemption scheme.* Your reward will be exempt from Income Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and employee & employer’s PRSI, saving you and your employees money. Fill in the form below to place your order and reward your staff this Christmas.

*This figure will rise to €500 in 2016.

Terms - 'Payment by one of the following methods must be made before an order is released into fulfillment: "EFT, Laser, Credit Card, Bank Draft - must be verified with issuing bank,
Cheque - Cheques must first be cleared through our bank - allow 3-5 working days from receipt of cheque."

"Note: Small benefits tax relief. If an employer is giving a small benefit covered by the "one off small benefits relief (€250)," the taxable value of the small benefit can be ignored completely for payroll purposes. To comply with the terms of this scheme, benefits must be in a form that cannot be converted into money by the recipient.

All Gift cards supplied by the Gift Voucher Shop as part of a corporate order are sold on the understanding that all rights of cash redemption in section 9 of the One4all Gift card terms and conditions remain with the original purchaser and cannot be passed to another user. The Term "you" under this section and for this order therefore refers to "purchaser" only. Cash redemptions will, at the discretion of GVS, be refunded by cheque or by original form of payment, less any fees, to the original purchaser only. Employees or other recipients requesting a cash redemption of a one4all gift card that has been issued as part of a company benefit scheme will be advised that cash redemptions can only be paid to the original purchaser. "

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