Office Etiquette Tips That Will Transform Your Company Culture

Office Etiquette Feature

Office etiquette is an important part of company culture and plays a key part in the business’s success.

Here are our top office etiquette tips that can help transform company culture.

1. Always show respect to co-workers – treat your co-workers with the same level of respect you would expect to be treated yourself.

2. Don’t interrupt co-workers when they’re speaking – it’s rude and shows a lack of social skills.

3. Keep your volume down – remember, there are other people working in the office, so other than speaking on the phone and talking with co-workers, keep the noise levels low. That means the music or podcast you’re listening to, your computer sounds, etc.

4. Keep your personal phone on silent – constant pings and distracting ringtones aren’t welcome in an office environment so keep your personal phone on silent.

5. Avoid taking personal calls at your desk – your co-workers don’t need to hear your 20-minute gossip call with your best friend. Avoid taking personal calls during work hours but if you must, go outside or into a meeting room.

6. Offer to help co-workers who are struggling with a deadline or project – if you see a co-worker stressed over a deadline or project and you have the time, knowledge and skills to help them, offer them a helping hand. They will appreciate that you recognised their struggle and it promotes better teamwork in the workplace.

7. Let your co-workers work – while it’s important to collaborate and chat with your co-workers from time-to-time, it’s essential that you recognise when your co-worker needs privacy and space to get their work done.

8. Watch your body language – ask any expert, body language speaks volumes so pay attention to yours when engaging with your co-workers, avoid crossing your arms and always make eye contact when they’re speaking.

9. Be polite to everyone in the office – don’t just stick to your inner work circle or team, acknowledge everyone in the office, even if it’s just a simple ‘hi, how are you? or ‘how was your weekend? Being pleasant and friendly to all in the workplace is a huge boost for company culture.

10. Express interest in your co-workers’ lives – when you meet a co-worker in the kitchen, does your chat over a coffee involve, for example, a meeting or presentation you’re preparing for? If yes, you need to switch it up. These little slots of time in between our busy work schedule are opportunities for you to get to know your colleagues personally. So next time you’re having a coffee with your co-worker, ask about their hobbies and past-times.

11. Avoid cursing – bad language is definitely a no-no.

12. Eat your lunch and snacks away from your desk – you might think the curry you made for your lunch smells delicious but your co-workers do not. To avoid creating an unnecessarily smelly workplace, eat your lunch away from your desk. Also loud, crunchy snacks like crisps, rice cakes, and apples should also be eaten away from your desk as the sound of you munching can distract and/or irritate your co-workers.

13. Be a good communicator – keep your co-workers informed about tasks, idea and progress on current and upcoming projects by communicating with them regularly.

14. Stay home if you’re sick – if you’re sick, stay at home, and only return when you’re 100% well and ready. Your co-workers don’t want to catch the bug.