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Milano Restaurant

Milano Restaurants are passionate about bringing delicious, authentic pizza to the Irish high street.

Their newest addition is the Leggera range. Each Leggera pizza has the dough at its centre removed and a tasty fresh salad put back in its place. The best of both worlds for only 500 calories. With restaurants in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kerry and Limerick.


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Phone Number
Milano's Restaurant
1-2 Haddington Road  
Milano's Restaurant
38 Dawson Street  
Milano's Restaurant
Clarion Quay 6 Excise Walk 
Milano's Restaurant
Dundrum Town Centre  
Milano's Restaurant
Dun Laoghaire Crofton Road Harbour Square
Milano's Restaurant
Grand Canal Hanover Quay 
Milano's Restaurant
8 Sir Oliver Plunkett Street  
Milano's Restaurant
Middle Street The Corn Store 
Milano's Restaurant
16 Main Street  
Milano's Restaurant
Harvey's Quay  

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