Irish Employees want jobs in SME’s & Start-Ups

Our recent research into the types of businesses that Irish employees would prefer to work for found that SMEs and start-ups are the most popular businesses for prospective employees. Over 39% of the 1,000 people asked said that they would like to work for an SME and a further 29% of those asked said that they’d like to work for a start-up.

So what does this research mean for employers?

Well, an increasing number of millennials could be looking for employment in your company! 46% of the 18-24 year old audience said an SME would be their ideal workplace.

Why, you ask? The respondents say they would be more motivated to work hard for a small business, as SMEs have more passion amongst their workforce, stating that they would be more motivated to work longer hours. Irish employees enjoy a good office culture and the intimate, almost family-like atmosphere that comes with a small business. This means Irish employees will tend to a have better work ethic and loyalty to the company.

While there may be a higher rate of Irish employees seeking to work in SMEs, it is also important to note that salary is still a prospective employee’s number one priority.

Has your company got the potential to secure these motivated workers?

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