The Irish Cycling Report 2018

In January, 2009, following years of lobbying by independent bike retailers and SMEs, the Government launched the Cycle to Work scheme, allowing businesses to offer their staff tax savings on the purchase of a new bike and equipment. The scheme was introduced to encourage a shift towards healthy and environmentally-friendly commuting, giving Irish workers a simple and cost-effective way to get into cycling.

Almost ten years later, the Government has stated that it has not examined Irish employees' enthusiasm for the scheme or its effects on the health and wellbeing of the Irish workforce. Nevertheless, we recently conducted a survey of Irish workers to find out just how beneficial the Cycle to Work programme has been and how it could be improved moving forward. We are very pleased to share the results of that survey here.

Whether you are a business owner considering introducing the scheme into your workplace or an employee keen to know more, we're sure you'll find this report interesting.