Indoor Plants That Can Improve The Office Environment

Indoor Plants For Your Office Feature

Studies have found that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance productivity. In research conducted by Dr Virgina Lohr of Washington State University, participants who worked in an environment with plants were found to be 12% more productive and less stressed than those who were working without.

What are the benefits of having plants in the office?

  • Nasa scientists studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space stations. They found that plants filter out VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air.
  • Plants absorb office pollutants into their leaves, cleaning their contaminated air.
  • Research by plant specialist Dr Margaret Burchett found that plants reduce the physical symptoms of stress by as much as 50%. The research also found that plants significantly reduce anger, depression, confusion and fatigue.
  • In a survey of over 200,000 employees worldwide, plants at work were found to help improve concentration and productivity by as much as 15%.
  • Research by environmental psychology expert Dr Tina Bringlismark found that the more plants workers see, the less sick leave they take as interior planting can reduce short term employee absenteeism by 10%.

With all this in mind, here are 5 indoor plants to consider for your office environment:

 1. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy, also known as Pothos, is a type of evergreen vine with leaves that are large and often heart shaped. This easy-to-care-for plant adapts well to a variety of office conditions, from low light levels to brighter ones.

 2.  Aglaonema

Also known as aglos or Chinese Evergreens, Aglaonema makes a great office plant because it requires very little maintenance, can thrive in poorly lit environments and removes toxins from the air.

3. Peace Lily

Ideal for office spaces that lack big windows, the peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a large space-filling plant that can clean the air and grow even in low office lighting.

4. Jade Plant

The Jade Plant, or Crassula Ovata, is a small, succulent plant with small flowers. These plants require minimal watering and thrive in medium light, making them ideal for just about any office.

5. Cacti

Commonly found in dry, harsh deserts, the cacti plant is probably the only one that can be neglected. These plants thrive in natural light and only need to be watered once a week during the spring and summer and every three weeks during the autumn and winter, making them able to withstand even the most forgetful office environment. However, they do require a significant amount of sunlight so would not be suited to dimly lit offices.

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