How to Increase Employee Morale this Christmas

How to Increase Employee Morale this Christmas

Ensure that your staff enjoy this time and succeed with our top tips:


A motivated workforce results in highly productive staff, helping you achieve your company’s goals, so try to understand what motivates your employees to drive them to their peak performance. The Incentive Research Foundation reports that greater motivation can boost performance by as much as 44%.

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Employee engagement can deliver multiple benefits, from a better company culture to increased productivity, but the bottom line is that your staff will care about your company’s performance just as much as you do.

Increase your employee engagement with our top tips.


Inspired employees give their all to their employer, constantly striving to be and do their best. This enables them to use their skills and talents to their full potential.

Praise employees for their work, progress and commitment. Give them the opportunity to grow with professional development and options to upskill.

Find more ways to inspire your employees here.


Ensure that employees are encouraged to work together to complete tasks, pooling their talent and utilising each member’s key strengths.

Teamwork is vital during busy periods like Christmas. Ensure that teams communicate and divide tasks evenly; keep teams invested in their work with regular meetings and updates.

Find more ideas to help boost teamwork in your workplace here.


Lastly, don’t forget to praise, compliment and show how much you value your staff.

Reward employees for their hard work and commitment over the whole work year, and not just at Christmas. With One4all Rewards, you can reward your employee’s up to €500 in non-cash benefits completely free of Tax, USC or PRSI.

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