How To Use Gift Cards To Inspire Motivation

How To Use Gift Cards To Inspire Motivation

Rewards and recognition play a key role in retention, motivation and productivity throughout the workplace and gift cards are a useful tool to inspire these qualities in employees.

Here, we discuss 4 ways to use gifts card to improve employees’ motivation in the workplace.

1. Give Gift Cards in Performance-Based Incentives:

Reward employees with gift cards if they meet an agreed set of performance targets, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly.  Targets should be specific, measurable, and most importantly, regular. In many workplaces, employees are only given annual targets which they are rewarded for in their end of year bonuses. As a result, employees may not be particularly motivated to achieve these goals in the first half of the year. In contrast, setting shorter, regular milestones, like monthly or bimonthly, with gift cards as rewards enhances productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty throughout the work year.

2. Give Gift Cards in Points-Based Incentives:

Point systems are incentive programmes where employees can earn points for a variety of achievements and behaviours. Employees can save up these points and then cash them in for a reward, for example, gift cards ranging in different values, depending on the number of points an employee has earned. Points-based incentives provide more flexibility as employers can reward employees for a wide variety of behaviours and goals. For example, employees could earn points for punctuality, empowering their peers, practising safety, landing new clients, and helping others with tasks.

3. Give Gift Cards to the Employee of the Week or Month:

Gift cards are the ideal reward for an Employee of the Week or Month programme. Start such a scheme under which an employee or team is rewarded for their outstanding efforts on a weekly or monthly basis. This type of programme works well in a workplace because it keeps productivity, motivation, and energy levels at a high.

4. Give Gift Cards for Suggestions of Improvement:

Employees appreciate opportunities to present their voice and ideas. Set up a company improvement programme where employees are encouraged to offer their suggestions on, for example, how business processes could be improved, what resources would make doing their job more efficiently, and what social activities or events would increase teamwork in the workplace. When a suggested improvement is implemented, reward the employee for a gift card. This will encourage employees to keep the suggestions coming.