How to increase Employee Engagement

Are your employees engaged in their work?
We’ve been hearing a lot about employee engagement and how important it is within a company, but how can you implement it within your workplace?

We’ve taken a look at some key ways to increase employee engagement:

Good company culture

Office culture has become a hot topic recently, especially with the millennial workforce. This generation cares about their working environment and culture – after all, they do spend the majority of their day in a workspace, so why shouldn’t this be an important factor?

Investing time and resources into employees can have a positive lasting effect. Take a look at what your company is currently offering employees. Are there employee benefits, such as healthcare or a fitness supplement? Do you encourage employees to take part in socialising events? Are your employees using up-to-date technology? Putting resources and time into your workforce can decrease workload stress, increase productivity and employee happiness.

Encourage open communication within the company; communicate progress within the company to increase motivation; work on creating a community to encourage employees to openly talk about their thoughts and needs. Above all, aim to create transparency in the workplace.

Professional development

Employee engagement can be increased by devoting resources to developing the skills and education of employees. Encouraging professional development shows employees that you care about them and would like to see them grow not only within the company but as a person.

Offer educational opportunities to further their academic skills, whether it’s through college or online classes.

Work with employees to address skill gaps, and areas that can be improved upon through training and support. By learning new skill sets, employees can feel empowered.

Ensure that employees feel valued

Small incentives can be introduced into your workplace to ensure that employees feel valued. This can be as simple as acknowledging their hard work on a regular basis can go a long way with staff.

Celebrate birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and milestones in your employees’ lives. As mentioned previously, organise regular events to encourage staff to relax and socialise – show them that you care. There are many ways that you can show staff your appreciation.

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Work-life balance

Flexibility in a business has increasingly become an important quality for employees who want to enjoy a good work-life balance.

Does your staff have flexibility with starting/finishing work times? Is there the option to work from home? Implementing these into your business can be cost-effective in increasing employee engagement and reducing the risk of employee’s burning out.

Businesses can also encourage a better work-life balance by considering offering staff amenities such as a dedicated quiet space in the office, exercise access or even childcare services.


After all, a happy employee is a productive employee.