How Digital Gift Cards Are An Easy Way To Show Appreciation

Positive Employees

As the modern-day workforce prioritise happiness in the workplace and are regularly looking for recognition and appreciation, corporate gifting is gaining popularity. Studies have found that when employees are rewarded for, for example, reaching their targets, going above and beyond in their role, or contributing to the company’s overall milestones, they are more motivated, productive, and loyal.

Because of all this, more and more companies are introducing rewards and incentive programmes. Digital gift cards are one of the best rewards companies can offer their employees as they can be given easily and instantly.

What are the benefits of digital gift cards?

1. Makes rewarding easy : Companies can buy and send digital gift cards from a computer or mobile device, allowing them to reward an individual employee or entire department in minutes. Employees can then redeem their gift and spend it straight away.

2. Helps companies save money: Digital gift cards are delivered instantly, therefore eliminating the printing and delivery costs associated with physical cards.

3. Makes personalisation possible: From the actual card to the delivery, digital gift cards are very easy to personalise. Companies can customise the card design, which allows them to tailor it to the reason for rewarding and as they’re delivered via email or text message, companies can send recognition messages via video or photo. While these may seem like small details, they make a big impact.

4. More secure: As digital gift cards are stored in mobile wallets and managed via apps, they’re impossible to misplace and forget.

What types of reward programmes do digital gift cards work for?

  • Performance-based incentives: Employers can increase employees’ motivation by setting goals/targets for them and attaching compensation-based incentives to certain levels of performance. This applies to yearly, monthly, and spot bonuses. For example, an employee reaches a huge sales target and an employer wants to recognise this achievement. Instead of adding this milestone into their end-of-year reward, the employer decides to offer instant recognition, for example with a digital gift card, to thank the employee for their hard work.
  • Points-based incentives: Point systems are incentive programmes where employees can earn points for a variety of positive achievements and behaviours. Employees can save up these points to purchase a prize of their choice. Point systems provide more flexibility as employers can reward employees for a wide variety of behaviours and goals. For example, employees could earn points for punctuality, empowering their peers, practising safety, landing new clients, and helping others with tasks.
  • Spot recognition programmes: Instant recognition for a job well done is extremely effective at making employees feel valued by their workplace. With spot rewards, companies are instantly recognising their employees hard work and efforts and digital gift cards suit this rewards programme perfectly as they’re easy to buy, send, redeem and spend.