We recently conducted research into the types of businesses that Irish employees would most like to work for, and the results were very encouraging for Irish SMEs and homegrown start-ups. Of the 1,000 people we asked, 39% said that they would most like to work for an SME, with a further 29% stating they’d most like to work for a start-up.

Interestingly, amongst the millennial audience (18-24 year olds) the numbers shifted slightly, with 46% preferring SMEs and just 20% saying a start-up would be their ideal workplace.

In further positive news for SMEs, 45% of respondents stated that they would be more motivated to work longer hours for a small business, suggesting that the intimate, familial atmosphere of an SME is more likely to breed loyalty and passion amongst its workforce.

Furthermore, 70% of respondents agreed that SMEs and start-ups have the best office culture, with just 30% of respondents preferring the cultures of enterprise or global companies.

For businesses that are currently recruiting, it is also worth noting that while salary is the number one priority for potential recruits, the second most important factor when considering a new job is actually a ‘friendly working environment’.

All of which is positive news for small companies throughout Ireland that are looking to secure the best and brightest workforce.

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