Gifting 101: How To Gift Your Employees Effectively

Gifts For Employees

Gifting employees regularly is the perfect way for employers to show them that their hard work is recognised and appreciated, and the effort they put into achieving targets and milestones does not go unnoticed. It’s also a good strategy for keeping employees happy in the workplace and when employees are happy productivity and motivation increases – it’s a win-win.

Here, One4all discuss top gifts to give employees the recognition they deserve.

1. Recognise a job well done

If an employee has done a good job, recognise it straight-away; immediately is never too soon. The more time that passes between great performance and praise, the lower the impact of the recognition.

And be specific; general comments such as ‘great job’ or ‘well done’ simply tell an employee they did good work. A more effective way to praise is to explain how they did a good job.  

2. Give away your time

The modern-day workplace is a busy environment but managers being too busy to catch-up with their employees is not a valid excuse. If employees do not have a relationship with senior bosses, they become disengaged in the workplace and job satisfaction decreases.

Bosses, recognise employees good work by giving away your time; this could be a chat over a coffee or a casual lunch. Employees will appreciate that you’ve taken the time out of your hectic schedule to praise them for their work.

3. Personalise your gifts

Be aware of your employees’ needs, wants, and interests, and gift them something that is meaningful. This gifting approach does take time and effort, but the benefits are priceless.

Personalised mugs and team hoodies are popular choices but recognise their wants also, for example if an employee has expressed an interest in upskilling in a certain area, arrange training courses for them.

4. Surprise your employees

Unexpected gifts are a great way to show your employees that you recognise and appreciate their roles in the company.

And this doesn’t have to be anything big; it could be a free breakfast/lunch day, gift cards left on their desks for them to treat themselves, or an ice cream van arriving at the office on the hottest day of the year.