Cycling to Work Set to Soar After COVID-19 Pandemic

Cycling to Work Set to Soar After COVID-19 PandemicCycling to Work Set to Soar After COVID-19 Pandemic

The country is returning to a new normal and many of us are working to adapt to a new way of living due to the impact of COVID-19. From dinners out to shopping sprees, catch-ups with friends to the weekly food shop. One topic that’s attracting a lot of thought is our commuting habits, as research by One4all Rewards has discovered that 60% of working adults are open to changing their commuting habits.

The Nation’s Thoughts

Many workplaces such as retail shops, health & beauty shops, pubs and restaurants, and construction sites are now open again after temporary closures, with other workplaces such as offices expected to open over the coming weeks and months.  Despite these positive steps for the country and its fight against the virus, the vast majority (85%) of people are still concerned about using to public transport to commute to work. Concerns with using public transport are highest amongst Gen Z (18 -24-year olds) with 91% of those surveyed saying they would be uncomfortable using busses or trains due to COVID-19. So, what do the nation think is the best and safest way to commute in these strange circumstances? One4all Rewards research pointed towards cycling being a viable alternative for many workers based in Ireland’s cities and towns, with 77% of respondents agreeing that biking to work would be a good way to maintain social distancing during their commute.

Ready, Steady, Cycle

Following increased investment in cycling infrastructure across Ireland in recent years, cycling has become a popular activity for many people, especially those who are looking to get fit, go green, and save money.  In acknowledgement of the increased investment in cycling infrastructure across Ireland in recent years, almost two thirds (65%) agreed that recent upgrades to cycling infrastructure have made travelling by bike safer. Because of this, almost half of respondents (47%) feel that their car could be substituted by a bike in most scenarios.

So, how can you start your bike journey? The One4all Rewards Bikes4work Cycle scheme is a hassle-free way for you to get on the road for the first time or upgrade your bike to a newer model or family friendly bike. Under the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme, bicycles and safety equipment up to the value of €1,250 and €1,500 for pedelecs and ebikes can be bought free of any Tax, PRSI, or USC. Bikes4Work helps your business take advantage of this Government initiative for tax-free bikes in the easiest way possible. All you need to do is:

  • Speak to your HR representative about One4all Bikes4work. Once your employer has signed up, information packs will be sent out to your workplace.
  • Next, simply choose your bike and safety equipment from your chosen One4all Bikes4work stores, then give your quote to your HR manager or submit online.
  • Finally, once you receive your One4all Bikes4work Collection Card, simply collect your bike from your chosen store and get cycling!

From as little as €5 per month, you can get a brand-new bike and top cycling accessories from some of the country’s best bike stores!


Commenting on the research and the Bikes4work scheme, Terry Spence, Sales Director for One4all Rewards said, 'COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Irish society and is making people rethink how they go about their daily lives. Our research has shown that most people are now thinking about their commute to work, as we progress with the reopening of the economy and more people return to work. With social distancing difficult to achieve on public transport, we’ve found that well over half of Irish workers are open to cycling to work, with almost eight in ten seeing cycling as a good way to maintain social distancing.’

‘At One4all we want to encourage more people to get on the saddle and cycle to work. Since the Government introduced a benefit-in-kind tax break for bicycles and cycling equipment, the One4all Bikes4work road show has travelled up and down the country demonstrating an impressive range of bicycles and safety equipment to over 750,000 employees nationwide. The One4all Bikes4work scheme helps Irish workers to take advantage of this Government inventive and spend up to €1,250 on a bicycle or equipment and €1,500 on pedelecs, ebikes or equipment tax-free. If more people do take up cycling for their commute, we can help to maintain social distancing, slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep Irish workers fit and healthy.’

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