76% of Irish people think nurses deserve a Christmas bonus

  • Three in four people (76%) agree that nurses deserve a Christmas bonus, with retail workers in second place on 63%
  • Just 21% of Irish workers think their boss deserves a bonus at Christmas
  • Only 7% of people surveyed think politicians deserve a Christmas bonus
  • Small enterprises (SMBs) pay the highest bonus on average at €425, with bonuses at larger enterprises 16% lower
  • 71% of Irish workers would appreciate a Christmas bonus regardless of its value

New research by One4all has found that a massive 76% of Irish people agree that nurses deserve to be rewarded with a bonus this Christmas.

Retail workers, who also work long hours over the festive period, are the second most deserving group according to the findings, with 63% of people agreeing they should be rewarded with a bonus at Christmas. Other professions people think should be rewarded are Ireland’s Teachers and Gardaí, with over one in two (53%) agreeing that they should also receive a bonus.

On the opposite end of the scale, only one in five Irish workers (21%) believe their boss deserves a Christmas bonus. Politicians are deemed to be even less deserving of a bonus, according to the findings, with only 7% of people surveyed agreeing that they should be rewarded at Christmas.

This new nationally representative research of 1,000 Irish adults, commissioned by One4all and undertaken by Coyne Research, was carried out to get a better understanding of the current Christmas bonus landscape in Ireland. The research asked a series of questions in a bid to discover the current attitude towards bonuses in the workplace, as well as establish which professions Irish people would like to see appreciated over the Christmas period.

SMB Employees receive the highest Christmas bonus on average

The research also provided interesting insight into the average amount awarded by Irish enterprises to employees at Christmas. The findings show that small enterprises (businesses with 10-50 employees) reward their staff more generously than large organisations at Christmas, with an average bonus of €425, compared to the €355 given by large enterprises (250+ employees), which is 16% lower on average.

There is also a significant difference in the average bonus paid to male and female workers in Ireland, with men receiving a 50% higher bonus on average at €485, with women receiving €240.

The research also looked at Irish people’s preferred form of recognition from their employer at Christmas, with multi-store gift cards seen as one of the most popular rewards among workers, second only behind a cash sum. Other forms of recognition valued by employees at Christmas is an extra day off and a free Christmas party, which placed third and fourth most popular respectively.

Rewarding employees with gift cards at Christmas, instead of a cash sum, continues to grow in popularity with Irish businesses. A major benefit of rewarding staff with a gift card is that it is tax-free up to €500, leaving the recipient with more money to spend on goods and services all over the country.

The amount doesn’t matter, it’s the thought that counts

When asked if being given a bonus would influence a decision of whether to stay working for a company or not, 71% of respondents said they would be more likely to stay in their job if they received a Christmas bonus from their current employer.

The majority of Irish workers have also said they would be happy with any form of appreciation from their employer at Christmas, with seven out of ten respondents (71%) claiming that the amount doesn’t matter, they would be grateful of any bonus they receive.

Michael Dawson, Managing Director, One4all, said of the new findings: “We commission this annual research to get a better understanding of the current Christmas bonus landscape in Ireland, as it provides valuable insight for Irish employers as well as employees. It was great to see that the Irish public appreciate the long hours worked over the festive period by nurses in order to help those in need, with an overwhelming majority agreeing that they should be rewarded with a Christmas bonus.”

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