Changing Your Office Space Will Increase Your Productivity; Here’s How

Changing Your Office Space Will Increase Your Productivity; Here’s How

The modern-day office space is ever-changing; from partitioned cubicles to large open-air communal spaces, standing desks and much more. However, the purpose of the layout has always remained the same: to increase and encourage productivity.

If your productivity levels are low, your office space could be the cause. Make these adjustments to increase your work rate and output:

1. Quality Air

Air quality plays a huge role in productivity levels. Research at Harvard and Syracuse Universities found if the air quality is improved in the workplace, employees’ productivity levels improve. In their study, employees were tested under two conditions; one was a typical office environment, the other had improved ventilation and decreased levels of carbon dioxide in the air. The results showed workers in the greener, cleaner environment performed their tasks 61% better than the workers in the standard office conditions.

2. Plants Power

Office plants work to increase the humidity around the desk and remove toxins from the air – they also add great style and colours to your workspace.  Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University found that when plants are brought into offices – one plant per square metre – employee performance and memory retention improved. Commenting on his findings, he said: ‘What was important was that everybody could see a plant from their desk. If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically engaged, you are happier and you work better.’

3. Lighting Matters

If your desk is near a window, make sure it stays there as a study published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found natural light can boost your daily productivity and improve your sleep by 46 minutes every night. According to neurologist and senior study author, Phyllis Zee, ‘there is increasing evidence that exposure to light during the day, particularly in the morning, is beneficial to your health via its effects on mood and alertness’. If it’s not possible to sit near a window, find an alternative light source to the harsh typical office fluorescent forms, for example, standing lamps which are less glary.

4. Clean Desks Rule

A cluttered workspace jeopardises creativity and concentration. Clear the mess to boost your work performance. Purge old documents, buy desk and file organisers and use them to store everything you need to do your job. An organised environment keeps your stress levels low and your productivity levels high.