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Boojum, famed for introducing the burrito to Ireland, offer the freshest Mexican street food served with huge personality. Fully customisable burritos, fajitas, tacos, nachos and more waiting to be washed down with a selection of speciality beers and soft drinks. Disrupting the high street since 2007 Boojum now has multiple stores across the Island of Ireland. Popularity for the brand has risen to cult like status with a highly loyal following, identifiable by the highly coveted ‘Boojum Addict’ t-shirts, many going as far as eating Boojum on daily basis to clock up those loyalty stamps. The concept is simple – fresh, authentic, award winning food at great prices, cooked in-house, every damn day! No freezer or microwave will be found on any Boojum premises, the food really is that fresh. If you haven't tried it, you need to get to a store immediately?! Be warned the food really is addictive.



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