The Gamification Report 2019

As businesses endeavour to boost productivity, bolster morale and retain top talent, gamification has proven to be an effective ongoing strategy for managers willing to get creative and implement such a programme in their workplace. Though the buzzword has been trending since at least 2015, surprisingly few businesses have invested time and effort into ‘gamifying’ the office and unlocking the potential benefits of such a programme. Whether that be due to lack of time, funds, knowledge or even interest, our latest research suggests that businesses are missing out on valuable gains by sticking with the status quo.

Some managers may be deterred by the suggestion of introducing games into the workplace, but contrary to the name, the concept has a strong scientific basis. In the context of the workplace, gamification is “the practice of synthesizing the best ideas from gaming, loyalty programs and behavioural economics, with the aim of driving user engagement over indifference.” In essence, gamification transforms your employees’ relationships with their work, producing a more active, goals-oriented and productive workforce.

As a business dedicated to inspiring, motivating and engaging employees, we conducted research to determine just how effective gamification can be in 2019, and to help you decide whether you should implement a gamification strategy in your workplace.

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