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  • 4 Tips to encourage Health & Wellbeing in your Workplace

    Our recent research on Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace delivered some interesting results, with the key takeaway being that 76% of those surveyed saying that employers should encourage their staff to be healthy.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace - Guest Post from Helen Byrne, The Mindfulness Centre

    Stress is a normal part of life and enables us to react quickly when we need to. The body’s response to danger is to release stress hormones which enable us to deal with a stressful situation, whether through fighting, fleeing, freezing or playing dead. These responses are physical, hard-wired into our biology. When our stress levels remain high over extended periods of time, however, we can become permanently anxious. In a world where 24/7 connectivity is now the norm, it has become increasingly difficult to find or build in the down time that is required to allow the body’s stress levels to return to normal so that we can heal.

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  • 4 Effortless Tips to become more Active during your Workday

    Do you work in a sedentary job and find it difficult to keep your energy levels up or just want to be more active throughout your workday? We’ve put together some top tips that are both simple and effortless to integrate into your daily-routine - which in turn will assist you on the road to improving your overall activity and productivity levels.

  • Top 5 Attributes that Great Leaders Need

    We recently revealed our research into Irish bosses and how they’re stacking up in the eyes of their employees, by examining their strengths, weaknesses and more. Respondents of the research believed that the most important attributes for bosses to have are communication, fairness, honesty, encouragement and experience. So what does this mean for bosses and leaders alike and how can they become a great leader in the eyes of their employees and colleagues?

  • Top 5 tips to improve your Productivity at Work

    Losing focus? Do you want to be more productive? These top five tips can help you improve and increase your productivity at work.

  • Health in the Workplace Report - 2017

    As businesses compete to attract and retain the very best workforce, the role of health and wellbeing in the workplace has steadily grown to become a major consideration for Irish workers. Whether it be physical wellbeing, mental health or mindfulness, a focus on health has now become a necessity for successful businesses of all sizes in Ireland.

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