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  • Top 5 tips to improve your Productivity at Work

    Losing focus? Do you want to be more productive? These top five tips can help you improve and increase your productivity at work.

  • What makes a great Leader in Ireland?

    Are Ireland’s leaders in business succeeding at their job? We examined Irish leaders, their strengths, weaknesses, and the relationships between bosses and their staff.

  • Irish Employees want jobs in SMEs & Start-Ups

    Our recent research into the types of businesses that Irish employees would prefer to work for found that SMEs and start-ups are the most popular businesses for prospective employees. Over 39% of the 1,000 people asked said that they would like to work for an SME and a further 29% of those asked said that they’d like to work for a start-up.

  • Great news for Irish SMEs & Start-Ups

    We recently conducted research into the types of businesses that Irish employees would most like to work for, and the results were very encouraging for Irish SMEs and homegrown start-ups. Of the 1,000 people we asked, 39% said that they would most like to work for an SME, with a further 29% stating they’d most like to work for a start-up. Interestingly, amongst the millennial audience (18-24 year olds) the numbers shifted slightly, with 46% preferring SMEs and just 20% saying a start-up would be their ideal workplace.

  • Want to get into cycling? Here are our top tips

    The weather has gotten better and the days have gotten longer - all the more reason to get out into the fresh air for some exercise. Cycling is a great way to not only get fit, but also get from A to B and even do a spot of sightseeing, whether at home or abroad.

  • Mindfulness In One Minute

    This simple mindfulness practice can help balance any stress you may be experiencing.

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