Irish Employees want jobs in SMEs & Start-Ups

Our recent research into the types of businesses that Irish employees would prefer to work for found that SMEs and start-ups are the most popular businesses for prospective employees. Over 39% of the 1,000 people asked said that they would like to work for an SME and a further 29% of those asked said that they’d like to work for a start-up.




So what does this research mean for employers?

Well, an increasing number of Millennials could be looking for employment in your company! 46% of the 18-24 year old audience said an SME would be their ideal workplace. As a start-up or SME, you could find yourself a long-term employee in a Millennial worker. Retaining the next generation of talent is the most important thing that employers can do and thanks to their loyalty, businesses can benefit from hiring Millennials as they seek success not only for themselves, but for their workplace.

Why SMEs and start-ups? The respondents say they would be more motivated to work hard for a small business, as smaller companies have more passion amongst their workforce. Respondents said they enjoy a good office culture and the intimate, almost family-like atmosphere that comes with a small business. Irish employees will tend to a have better work ethic and loyalty to their company when working for an SME or start-up.

While there may be a higher rate of Irish employees seeking to work in SMEs, it is also important to note that salary is still a prospective employee’s number one priority. Businesses need to ensure that they are clear about the package on offer to prospective employees, as those seeking employment, especially Millennials, now consider benefits and perks just as important, if not more, than the salary attached.

Has your company got the potential to secure these motivated workers? With One4all Rewards, SMEs can not only incentivise employees with regular rewards, but they can also benefit from giving them access to the Bikes4work and Christmas Club schemes free of charge. Both schemes involve minimal administration for the employer, making them a great, hassle-free way to entice potential recruits to your business.

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