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Who we are

One4all Rewards is the Corporate Division of the Gift Voucher Shop. The Gift Voucher Shop (GVS) is the company behind the market leading multi-store gift card, the One4all. Our competitive advantage is rooted in the One4all, Ireland’s leading nationwide multi-store gift card, our portfolio of Retail Partners and the nationwide extensive sales channel of An Post, a unique national distribution capability unmatched in the gift card and gift voucher market.

  • We are an Irish business with strategic partnerships with An Post in the Republic of Ireland and  the Post Office® in the UK.
  • Our sales channels in Ireland include the Post Office network, the PostPoint network (including Circle K and Tesco stores nationwide), online and through our Corporate Sales division.
  • We have a wide portfolio of Ireland’s leading shops and services with over 7,000 outlets nationwide and a selection of online retailers.
  • We have over 6,000 corporate clients in Ireland and over 1,500 in the UK.
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Our expertise

We know what constitutes a successful reward and incentive. It must carry real ‘trophy value’ for the employee, involve low administration for the HR manager and deliver cost effectiveness for the business.

The appeal of giving such a reward is that as the employee chooses, they will remember you for it. The other important factor is the execution of an incentive or reward scheme. When this is carried out successfully, the benefits outweigh the costs considerably. An incentive or reward scheme that is communicated effectively will make employees feel valued, encourage productivity, provide goals to work towards and build loyalty. This is why we do not just supply our product – we work with our clients on a programme to suit your needs.

our expertise

Employee incentives

We work with companies of all sizes to motivate and reward employees, in the areas of long service awards, incentive schemes or once off rewards. The key objectives we look at are to ensure maximum productivity, staff retention and an enlightened workplace. This is achieved through the supply of One4all Gift Cards and staff incentive solutions, including online processing programmes via our Online Reward System. The success of our employee incentive schemes are in the reward and the execution.

Talk to us today about how we can work with you, whether it is for long service awards, incentive schemes or once off rewards.

Tax-free rewards

Under the Revenue Commissioners’ ‘Small Benefit Exemption’ scheme, employers can provide employees with a gift card or voucher up to the value of €500 as a once-off benefit each tax year. This is exempt from Income Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and employee &employer’s PRSI. The €500 One4all Gift Card is Tax-Free even if the employee is receiving other Taxable benefits.

We can give you BIK advice and software solutions to track your rewards and ensure your rewards programme is both cost-effective and appreciated by staff.

Trade marketing

Trade loyalty programmes are essential for ensuring the maintenance of your company's competitive position in the marketplace and to show appreciation for the support of your regular and most valued customers. We work with a large client base in the implementation of quality trade loyalty programmes. 

Choice motivates, and as a result, multi-store gift cards and gift vouchers such as the One4all are fast becoming an essential tool for the incentive and motivation industry. With the likes of trade loyalty programmes, you’re dealing with a wide audience with diverse tastes, different age groups and nationwide spread. You need to satisfy a broad range of needs and wants; a multi-store gift voucher or gift card will allow you to do just that. By giving them the choice, you are creating long lasting memories for them which will be reinforced every time they avail of the reward, and that’s what makes a trade loyalty programme successful.

Marketing & design

We offer complimentary marketing and design capabilities to aid in ensuring your programme is communicated effectively, is innovative and in-keeping with your company’s brand identity. We can work with your marketing department or agencies on a wide range of additional communications materials including, customised gift cards, informational posters, leaflets and internet content.