5 Great Reasons To Start Cycling

5 Great Reasons To Start Cycling5 Great Reasons To Start Cycling

As businesses across the country anticipate what returning to the office will look like for Irish employees, one consideration at the forefront is how workers’ commuting habits will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Research from One4all Rewards has uncovered that 60% of working adults are open to changing their commuting habits, with 85% stating that they are still concerned about using public transport as their commuting method to work. Choosing to cycle to work is a great way to do your part for the environment, your health and even your wallet.

Here are just some of the great reasons to get on the saddle and start cycling to work: 

Go Green

As it stands, vehicular transport is responsible for over 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland. With climate action becoming a critical focus for all of us as we join the global mission to save our planet, it is important to consider the steps we can take as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint. Making the switch to cycling is a great way to do your part and work towards climate action. Cycling produces less than one-tenth of the emissions of driving which means this small change can have a big impact on the planet.

Improve Fitness Levels

It is recommended that adults perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week for optimal health. So, even if your bike route is only 15 minutes long, by cycling to and from the office Monday-Friday, you can be sure that your health and fitness levels are supported. Cycling is also a low-impact exercise, making it a great option for those who are looking for an endurance exercise that won’t take its toll on the joints. 

Save Time

Commuters will be all too familiar with transport delays that are out of their control, such as traffic jams, delayed trains, and full-to-capacity buses. Choosing to cycle not only broadens your horizons in terms of the routes you can take, but you’ll be free to travel on your own schedule. It’s also a fantastic way to get your daily workout in without putting in hours at the gym. The average person burns 450 to 750 calories per hour cycling. It also targets key muscle groups like quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes which makes it an excellent fat-burning, muscle-building exercise that will save you time and money in the long run.

Boost Immunity

77% of respondents surveyed by One4all Rewards agree that biking to work would be a good way to maintain social distancing during their commute. Opting out of public transport is a reliable method of reducing the risk of infection, and choosing cycling as your mode of transportation can even boost your immune system to further prevent illness. A recent study found that adults who cycled had a higher level of T-cells than those who did not exercise regularly. These white blood cells play a key role in tailoring the body’s immune response to certain pathogens, which is even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cycling also helps to reduce stress, which is essential in keeping our immune system in shape.

Save Money

With Cyclescheme, bicycles and safety equipment up to the value of €1,250 and €1,500 for pedelecs and e-bikes can be bought free of any Tax, PRSI, or USC. That means from as little as €5 per month, you can get a brand-new bike and top cycling accessories from some of the country’s best bike stores. Factor in the amount you would normally spend on your commuting fare and gym memberships and you’ll be saving more than you bargained for on your new commute.

When you sign up to Cyclescheme, you can choose to purchase your bicycle and equipment from over 300 bike stores across the country. The Cyclescheme online platform gives employers a way to track, review, and approve employee applications, as well as applying employee salary sacrifice agreements and payroll adjustments. Participating businesses will be given their unique URL for MyScheme where they will also receive logo-customisable marketing material that they can share with employees. Businesses can also benefit from a dedicated Cyclescheme account manager who will be on hand to assist with any queries they have along the way.

For more information on Cyclescheme, email corpsales@one4all.ie or visit Cyclescheme.ie.