4 Effective Ways To Keep Employees Happy And Productive In The Workplace

Happy Employees

A happy workforce is an essential ingredient in the success of a business. Happy employees are productive, focused and more motivated to work towards targets. There’s a reason successful companies like Google and LinkedIn have bean bag chairs and games rooms in their offices; they understand the importance of keeping employees happy on a day-to-day basis. These incentives are offered to keep their employees happy and to ensure they maintain a healthy perspective.

Keeping employees happy and engaged takes time and creativity, but the returns are priceless. Here are four effective ways to keep employees happy and productive in the workplace.  

1. Invest in their career paths

Ros Toynbee, Director and Lead Coach at The Career Coach, previously told us: ‘Too many companies assume that recognition has to fall in the form of high financial rewards and upward promotions. If you ask people what makes them come to work on a Monday morning, pay is about number four on the list of motivators. Employees want to do interesting work, they want opportunities to learn new things, and they want to feel a sense of learning and development in their role’.

Training and development are great ways to help employees stay focused and productive in the workplace. Help them develop a career path within the company and invest in them by helping them develop new skills or enhancing existing ones.

2. Make employees part of the big picture

Research has shown transparency is a top factor in employee happiness. A 2017 TINYpulse study found that there was a link between transparency and employee professional growth, for example, companies lacking in transparency saw a lack of professional growth among their employees when compared with those who are honest and candid with their workforce.

Communication and trust are important to running a successful business. Leaders need to keep employees in the loop regularly. Weekly meetings can provide a platform for senior managers to a) provide updates on the company’s goals and future projects and b) gather employees input, which helps them feel a sense of purpose.

3. Use noncash rewards

Monetary incentives are an easy option and work well in some companies, but as Ms Toynbee explained to us, cash isn’t in the top spot when it comes to work motivators. After a study by the Maritz Institute and the Incentive Research Foundation found that participants favoured noncash rewards, Charlotte Blank, chief behavioural officer of Maritz, explained that noncash incentives are more memorable: ‘My dad still remembers the set of luggage he received for hitting his very first sales target.’

Set up creative employee perks such as free meals, concert tickets, and cinema passes to reward employees who reach milestones and goals.

4. Create a productive atmosphere

The physical layout of the office/workspace is important to increasing employee engagement and productivity. Employees want good desk space, all the materials they need to do their job correctly, and a comfortable and pleasant environment.

  • Make sure the office has live green plants. Employees who are near plants or windows report significantly higher job and co-worker satisfaction than those without.
  • Utilise real sunlight when possible. If offices or workspaces don’t have window access, install full spectrum or plant light bulbs in fixtures, including overhead florescent lights.
  • Have healthy food choices on offer. Healthy snacks like nuts, oatcakes with nut butter, and fruit improves mood and increases energy levels.
  • Allow employees to personalise their workspace so they feel comfortable and satisfied when doing their job.
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